Tutorial :Connect to Tor network with ruby


how can I configure Ruby web client to request web pages using Tor ?


I think it's like specifying proxy server for your HTTP connection. I don't know how it works in Ruby. But it will not be different from configuring browsers. Just set proxy server setting to


I had to use this Gem http://socksify.rubyforge.org/ then I was able to do something like this

TCPSocket::socks_server = ""  TCPSocket::socks_port = 9050  reply = Net::HTTP.get URI.parse("www.google.com")  

Obviously with the Tor proxy running.


Created a Gem, maybe can help others: https://github.com/brunogh/tor_requests


You just need to work with the Proxy class. As Ivan says above, get Tor running then point Net::HTTP.Proxy at the correct localhost address and you're golden.

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