Tutorial :Cheap android phone for development? [closed]


What android phone would you recommend for development purposes? Not to use as a main phone.


Cheap is really going to depend on where you are and exactly what you want (eg. which markets you want to develop an app for). Availability and prices differ from country to country.

For example, in the UK, many people use the HTC Desire for development, as it's possible to get it from the carriers very cheaply. People also use the HTC Hero here, though that has a smaller screen.

In Japan, the Sony Xperia X10 was for a long time the most available android device, so there are quite a lot of those in the market there compared to any other android device.


The cheaper one I know, and not bad at all, is the HTC Tattoo. It runs generally Android 1.6.


Although having an android phone for developing can be handy, you can get away with using the android virtual devices.

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