Tutorial :Cannot debug Sharepoint application using non system account user?


I am using WSPBuilder to develop Sharepoint2007 sites, whenever i try to debug using one of the users that are not System Account, the debugger enters to the breakpoint and waits a step (F10), when i press F10, i get the following exception in the debug output window after pressing F10 on the line having the breakpoint:

A first chance exception of type 'System.Threading.ThreadAbortException'  occurred in XXX.dll  An exception of type 'System.Threading.ThreadAbortException'occurred in XXX.dll   but was not handled in user code The thread '<No Name>' (0xfc4) has exited with   code 0 (0x0).  

and i am redirected to a page of sharepoint saying:

Go back to site     Error: Access Denied  Current User     You are currently signed in as: SHAREPOINT\ZZZ  Sign in as a different user  

When i try to RUN not to DEBUG with the same user, I don't have this problem.
Also when i try to debug using the System Account (MOSS ADMIN), I don't have this problem ?
How to overcome this problem ?
BTW, i am trying to debug a custom ASPX/CS page installed as a feature on the site.
FYI, it's only for this project not for all projects i have, also it's for all pages in this project not only one page.


For those who are interested, I found the solution:
I created a new project and copied my files to it (of course with recreating features), now it works fine.
That means that the project itself is the problem not the IDE, perhaps some of its file are corrupted !


You might want to try and add the user SharePoint\zzz to the WSS_WPG and WSS_Admin groups to see if that gets you around the issue. I assume you are doing the debugging on a single, stand alone install so you could also try and make SharePoint\zzz and administrator.

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