Tutorial :Can no longer start virtual machine in VirtualBox


Whenever I try to start my VM in VirtualBox I get this error:

enter image description here

I tried rebooting my system and I still get the error. I didn't start any other VM programs.

I also have VMware Workstation installed on my computer which runs without problems.


I usually get the same error on Ubuntu, which loads the kvm kernel module automatically, which conflicts with VirtualBox.

So you have to either blacklist the kvm module (and it's implementation module, which is kvm_intel for me), or rmmod both of them before starting your virtual machine:

sudo rmmod kvm_amd kvm  


This could mean that there is a lock file on disk that you need to delete. VMware Workstation has a similar warning but it allows you to start your VM if you are sure it's not used by anyone else.


This means that VMWare is currently running and using the AMD-V virutalization extensions to the CPU. You need to completely shutdown VMWare in order to launch VirtualBox with the acceleration options enabled.

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