Tutorial :Can I use `chmod` to change the permission from -rwsr-xr-x to -rwsr-sr-x?


Can I use chmod to change the permission from -rwsr-xr-x to -rwsr-sr-x?


chmod g+s filename  


yes....the chmod command to use is

 chmod 6755 file1 ... filen  


Yes, chmod allows any permissions changes on any file you own on a writable medium, including adding setgid. To do this, use:

  chmod g+s <file>  

The g+s sets the setgid bit on the file.

You can also specify the full permissions of the file:

  chmod 6755 <file>  

This changes the permissions of the file to -rwsr-sr-x.

In both cases, replace <file> with the actual name of the file. You can perform this operation on multiple files by putting more than one file name on the command line in place of <file>.

For more information on chmod and UNIX filesystem permissions, see the Wikipedia articles on chmod and filesystem permissions.

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