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How do I calculate someone’s age in C#?

I want to calculate basically the age of employees - So we have DOB for each employee, So on the C# Side I want to do something like this -

int age=Convert.Int32(DateTime.Now-DOB);  

I can use days and manipulate then get the age...but I wanted to know if there something I can use directly to get the number of years.


Do you want calculate the age in years for an employee? Then you can use this snippet (from Calculate age in C#):

DateTime now = DateTime.Today;  int age = now.Year - bday.Year;  if (bday > now.AddYears(-age)) age--;  

If not, then please specify. I'm having a hard time understanding what you want.


Subtracting two DateTime gives you a TimeSpan back. Unfortunately, the largest unit it gives you back is Days.

While not exact, you can estimate it, like this:

int days = (DateTime.Today - DOB).Days;    //assume 365.25 days per year  decimal years = days / 365.25m;  

Edit: Whoops, TotalDays is a double, Days is an int.


On this site they have:

   public static int CalculateAge(DateTime BirthDate)     {          int YearsPassed = DateTime.Now.Year - BirthDate.Year;          // Are we before the birth date this year? If so subtract one year from the mix          if (DateTime.Now.Month < BirthDate.Month || (DateTime.Now.Month == BirthDate.Month && DateTime.Now.Day < BirthDate.Day))          {              YearsPassed--;          }          return YearsPassed;    }  


    private static Int32 CalculateAge(DateTime DOB)      {          DateTime temp = DOB;          Int32 age = 0;          while ((temp = temp.AddYears(1)) < DateTime.Now)              age++;          return age;      }  



As pointed out, this won't work. You'd have to do this:

(Int32)Math.Round((span.TotalDays - (span.TotalDays % 365.0)) / 365.0);  

and at that point the other solution is less complex and continues to be accurate over larger spans.

Edit 2, how about:


Christ I suck at basic math these days...


(DateTime.Now - DOB).TotalDays/365  

Subtracting a DateTime struct from another DateTime struct will give you a TimeSpan struct which has the property TotalDays... then just divide by 365

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