Tutorial :Building TASM32 SDK?


I just downloaded Embarcadero Delphi 2010 (the trial version). tasm32 and the related stuffs (ilink32, implib, impdef, etc) are still available in it. Still they lack header files and import libs, but fortunately that can be solved by win2inc, implib, etc.

The final result can be called TASM32 SDK (in a similar way like MASM32 SDK do).

Considering Delphi is a commercial product, I plan to use this SDK for personal usage only (and of course non commercially).

Is this legal or not?


"Is this legal or not?"

That depends on the country.

Also, "legality" doesn't have a binary yes/no value (instead the result may depend on arguments made in a court of law, if the question ever even goes to court).

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