Tutorial :At the time of closing an application: How to stop a thread?


I use the following code to receive the data using UDP. When I click the back button my screen visual is closed and it shows the home screen. But a thread is working in the background (it receives the data from the UDP server). When I close the application I also need to stop the thread. How to stop a thread?

public void onClick(View view) {      port=Integer.parseInt(etd_port.getText().toString());      etd_port.setCursorVisible(false);      Thread fst = new Thread(new Server());      fst.start();  }    public class Server implements Runnable {      private String tagid="",roomid="";      public final int SERVERPORT = port;      private DatagramSocket ds;      private String recdata;        @Override      public void run() {          int buffer_size = 1024;          byte buffer[] = new byte[buffer_size];          try {              ds = new DatagramSocket(SERVERPORT);              while (true) {                  DatagramPacket p = new DatagramPacket(buffer, buffer.length);                  ds.receive(p);                  Log.d("MY UDP ","After Receive");                  recdata=new String(p.getData(),0,p.getLength());                  Log.d("Receive data ",recdata);              }          } catch(Exception e){              Log.e("MY UDP ", " Error", e);          }      }  }  ......    @Override  protected void onStop() {      finish();      fst.stop();      super.onStop();  }  


You have to change while condition:

class Server implements Runnable {      private boolean running;        public void run() {          running = true;            while (running) {              // do stuff here          }      }      public stop() {          running = false      }  }    protected void onStop() {       fst.stop()    }  

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