Tutorial :append tuples to a list


How can I append the content of each of the following tuples (ie, elements within the list) to another list which already has 'something' in it? So, I want to append the following to a list (eg: result[]) which isn't empty:

l = [('AAAA', 1.11), ('BBB', 2.22), ('CCCC', 3.33)]  

Obviously, the following doesn't do the thing:

for item in l:      result.append(item)      print result  

I want to printout:

[something, 'AAAA', 1.11]   [something, 'BBB', 2.22]   [something, 'CCCC', 3.33]  




You can convert a tuple to a list easily:

>>> t = ('AAA', 1.11)  >>> list(t)  ['AAAA', 1.11]  

And then you can concatenate lists with extend:

>>> t = ('AAA', 1.11)  >>> result = ['something']  >>> result.extend(list(t))  ['something', 'AAA', 1.11])  


You can use the inbuilt list() function to convert a tuple to a list. So an easier version is:

l = [('AAAA', 1.11), ('BBB', 2.22), ('CCCC', 3.33)]  result = [list(t) for t in l]  print result  


[['AAAA', 1.1100000000000001],   ['BBB', 2.2200000000000002],   ['CCCC', 3.3300000000000001]]  


You will need to unpack the tuple to append its individual elements. Like this:

l = [('AAAA', 1.11), ('BBB', 2.22), ('CCCC', 3.33)]    for each_tuple in l:    result = ['something']    for each_item in each_tuple:      result.append(each_item)      print result  

You will get this:

['something', 'AAAA', 1.1100000000000001]  ['something', 'BBB', 2.2200000000000002]  ['something', 'CCCC', 3.3300000000000001]  

You will need to do some processing on the numerical values so that they display correctly, but that would be another question.

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