Tutorial :All new actions on controller are coming up 404 in my existing controller and new ones


All of a sudden, new actions on all my controllers are coming up with 404 errors.

The actions that were already there work fine. For instance this controller method works:

public ActionResult AddItem()   {     return View();  }  

But this one does not:

public ActionResult Bob()  {     return View();  }  

Both Views/Tools/AddItem.aspx and Views/Tools/Bob.aspx exist and the global.asax default route remains unchanged.

I've tried closing VS2010 and re-opening to no avail.

If I try to create a new controller and make a basic ActionResult like above, it fails with a 404 too.

Has this happened to anyone else before?


It looks like you might not have recompiled your project and/or not deployed the udpated dll to your server.

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