Tutorial :Algorithm and data structure implementations for C programmers [duplicate]


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Are there any open source C libraries with common data structures?

What is the best source of algorithm and data structure implementations for C programmers? Links to an open source library or a book will do. (Please don't point to Sedgewick, as I already have his book).


Though I have not used GDSL ( Generic Data Structures Library ) I think it's worth considering as it implements many frequently used data structures.


The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena

alt text http://www.alberton.info/images/amazon/big/the-algorithm-design-manual.jpg


Another C library worth checking out, especially because it hasn't been mentioned in answers to this question and also the other duplicate questions: the C Algorithms Library, it can be found at http://c-algorithms.sourceforge.net/ and is covered by a BSD-style license, i.e. it can be freely used in any project. I've used it myself in several smaller programs without encountering any problems.


Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms (3rd Edition)


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