Tutorial :add connection string without using app.config


i created a data access layer dll using subsonic. however it uses the connectionstring from the app.config. i am using it in ninjatrader and dont want to mess around with the ninjatrader app.config for the connecitonstring. how do i avoid this issue.


I believe the best you can hope for here is to use a separate file for the connection strings:

in app.config

<connectionStrings ConfigSource="myConnStr.config" />  

in myConnStr.config:

<connectionStrings >     <add .... />    <add .... />  </connectionStrings >   


I believe you can set it at runtime using the SetDefaultConnectionString method:



Sample how to programatically hardcode connectionstring:

string connectionString = string.Format(@"Data Source={0}", Path.Combine(this.ConfigFolder, ConfigDb));  string providerName = @"System.Data.SQLite";  var provider = ProviderFactory.GetProvider(connectionString, providerName);  _configRepo = new SimpleRepository(provider, SimpleRepositoryOptions.RunMigrations);  

This sample use sqlite database which is located in this.ConfigFolder. ConfigDB contains name of a database file.

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