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This might appear silly, but I have been wondering for a while, how can I put code inside a comment in stackoverflow. I haven't been able to figure this out. I have seen users putting those grayish blocks in a comment.

I tried (<pre><code>) but that didn't work.



You can use backquotes to insert code in comments, just as you might insert inline code in a question or answer: printf("here is some code\n");


use backticks "" <code here> "".

BTW, this belongs on meta.


Putting four spaces before the code will automatically generate the code block. Inside of a comment, you can wrap it with ` and it will demarcate the code. Or simply mark up the code that you want to be laid out as code and press the button with the 101010 label.


You can't, because the comments only support limited markdown tags.

Stop with the down votes - this was migrated while i was in the middle of editing it!! What i was busy clarifying is that it isn't a full code block - you don't get syntax coloring etc, just the highlighted background.

For the FAQ on comments check here. For the details on allowed markdown, check here.

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