Tutorial :VS2010/Windows 7 -> can't connect to ASP.NET Development Server


I have a clean installation of Windows 7 with VS2010 RTM and am trying to get the ASP.NET Development Server to work.

When I run the project, the WebDev server starts and shows that it's listening on port x on localhost.

I've tried:

  • telnet to the port. The port is not listening.
  • running netstat -o shows that the WebDev server is in fact not listening on any port.
  • manually changing the WebDev port to a different port and restarted VS without effect.

I have Windows Firewall turned off entirely and am not running any other firewall software either.

Any idea what could be going on here?



ok, figured out how to fix it: For some reason my hosts file had " localhost" commented, so I'm assuming WebDev server tried to bind to localhost but it couldn't resolve to the address. After I uncommented that line and restarted VS, the WebDev server works fine


I had this problem and tried the above, but it did not work. After a few mins looking around I realised someone had turned on internet connection sharing - turned this off and then all worked well again.

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