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Do you have any recommendations on great video courses as a complement to books for learning C++?


Have not used these and I'm not sure about international shipping, but these are partly taught by Yashavant Kanetkar.

Don't let the 550 price throw you, it's in Rupees so about $13 US.


Update for shipping:

For shipments to USA/Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, we charge INR 2000 (USD 40) for a single order of 1 to 16 Quest Courses.


ShowMeDo It's a nice place to start seeing for C++ and more.


Wrath Lands is a project about creating a text based RPG in C++. It's not really something you'd want to learn C++ for the first time with, but it is basically a guy starting from scratch and creating a game, dictating and trying to explain what and why he's doing it while also dealing with errors.

I found it to be entertaining at the least with some good pieces of information. Definitely not a standard though.





The Stanford CS deparment has several courses that you can watch (free) online. Of iterest to you may the Programming Paradigms lectures, which cover an intro to C++ among other topics.

MIT also appears to have a similar course available.


Nothing beats stanford course Its quite comprehensive


I really like Pluralsight

They offer 5 C++ courses as of today, and for 29 bucks you can watch them all within a month.

It is based on Windows/Visual Studio, but the knowledge is applicable in all other platforms. The courses also include the last features of the language.

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