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I am successfully using RJS to implement AJAX on a page.replace.html create.js.rjs. I am attempting to update two locations instead of one and after watching Ryan Bates Railscast I am very close (I think) but have a problem in the syntax of my /views/likes/create.js.rjs file. Here is the situation:

located at /views/likes/create.js.rjs is the following code:

page.replace_html  "votes_#{ @site.id }", :partial => @like  page.replace_html  "counter", 10 - (@question.likes.count :conditions => {:user_id => current_user.id})  page[@like].visual_effect :highlight  

My problem lies in the second line. The div "counter" displays the following code in the /views/question/show.html.erb page:

    <div id="counter">          You have <%= 10 - (@question.likes.count :conditions => {:user_id => current_user.id}) %> votes remaining for this question      </div>  

From watching the screen cast I believe that my error has to do w/ the syntax of the second line. Specifically he mentions that you cannot use a local instance variable but not sure how to make the change. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Here is the error I am getting:

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `likes' for nil:NilClass) on line #2 of app/views/likes/create.js.rjs:  1: page.replace_html  "votes_#{ @site.id }", :partial => @like  2: page.replace_html  "counter", 10 - (@question.likes.count :conditions => {:user_id => current_user.id})  3: page[@like].visual_effect :highlight        app/views/likes/create.js.rjs:2:in `_run_rjs_app47views47likes47create46js46rjs'      app/views/likes/create.js.rjs:1:in `_run_rjs_app47views47likes47create46js46rjs'      app/controllers/likes_controller.rb:8:in `create'    Rendered rescues/_trace (103.8ms)  Rendered rescues/_request_and_response (0.4ms)  Rendering rescues/layout (internal_server_error)  


class LikesController < ApplicationController

  def create      @user = current_user      @site = Site.find(params[:site_id])      @like = @site.likes.create!(params[:like].merge(:user_id => @user.id))        respond_to do |format|       format.html { redirect_to @site}       format.js       end    end  end  

UPDATE: here is the likes form:

    <% remote_form_for [site, Like.new] do |f| %>      <%= f.hidden_field :site_name, :value => "#{site.name}" %>      <%= f.hidden_field :question_id, :value => @question.id %>       <%= f.hidden_field :ip_address, :value => "#{request.remote_ip}" %>      <%= f.hidden_field :like, :value => "1" %>      <%= submit_tag "^" , :class => 'voteup' %>  <% end %>  


Try getting @question like this,as your question_id will be present inside params[:like] hash

 @question = Question.find params[:like][:question_id]  

Anyway for double checking print your params like this so add a puts statement in create action of likes_controller.

puts params.inspect,params[:like][:question_id]  

You have this error (undefined method `likes' for nil:NilClass) on line #2

Which means your @question is nil, you never declared this instance in your create action.

Hope this works for you.


You are getting @question = nil. You should check @question is nil or @question.likes.count=0 and if so you should do (10-0) i.e.

if //your condition here     page.replace_html  "counter", "You have 10 votes remaining for this question"  else     page.replace_html  "counter", 10 - (@question.likes.count :conditions => {:user_id => current_user.id})  


remaining_votes= (@question && !@question.likes.blank && @question.likes.count :conditions => {:user_id => current_user.id} !=0 )? @question.likes.count :conditions => {:user_id => current_user.id} : 0  page.replace_html  "counter", "You have #{10-remaining_votes } votes remaining for this question"  


In controller you need to load @question variable.

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