Tutorial :Tool to view/plan keyboard shortcuts?


I'm curious if there are any tools available* that will help me generate visuals of keyboard shortcuts for the application I'm working on?

Being able to see on a picture of a keyboard what combinations are in use, the relationships between normal, Ctrl, Shift, and Alt combinations, and especially what combinations are NOT in use, would be wonderfully helpful.

Really, our team would just like to SEE the keyboard shortcuts without resorting to [Insert favorite picture editor]. I figured there'd be a quick and dirty tool to get this done, since programs have had keyboard shortcuts since the beginning of time.

I'm not expecting any integration with any IDE, although I'd love it if it existed. Just in case: Developing on Windows using VS 2008 & C#. If necessary, I'd do any necessary gruntwork (or write some quick code) to input the mappings myself.

Please forgive me if I am missing an obvious solution, but I've had no luck searching for such a tool myself, due to every application in existence having its own keyboard shortcuts, and all of those being listed on the web.

*Naturally, I'd prefer free/cheap, but it can't hurt to hear about any expensive options.


I'd use a spreadsheet. One row for each key, with columns for Alt + Key, Control + Key, Control + Alt + Key, etc. Fill in the standard ones (cut, copy, paste, undo, save, etc.) and go from there.

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