Tutorial :SQL Server replication question


I had inherited this SQL Server where we put data in a table (Call TableA) on a database (DB-A). I can see the tableA in another database on the same server ( DB-B) gets the same data right away.

Any ideas how this is implemented? I am trying to see the trace but so far no luck. Any one has an idea?

At this stage I am not sure if its replication. This is a guess


It could be replication or it could be a trigger on the source table that is moving the data over.


Perhaps it is transactional replication? You should be able to go to the replication are and see if there are subscribers or publishers. Either that or you have linked servers, and triggers are copying the data.


This is most likely happening by use of either a synonym or cross-database view. Check to see if the "table" on the other database really is a table. If it IS a table, then they've set up transactional replication between the two databases.

select type_desc from sys.objects where name = 'name_on_database_b'   

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