Tutorial :Smarty Plugin for Eclipse Europa


Are there any good Eclipse plugins for creating smarty templates? I am using Europa with PDT on Ubuntu (though I doubt the OS will make a difference for this).

I found SmartyPDT, but it did not seem to install properly and some of the discussions on it seemed to suggest it was for an older version of PDT.


You can find newer version of this plugin here : http://code.google.com/p/smartypdt/issues/detail?id=31

But I haven't installed it yet with my machine.


When I last used PHPeclipse (you know, the original PHP tools for Eclipse) around 2 years ago, it included a Smarty editor, but it was a bit rudimentary. I don't follow PHPeclipse development anymore, so maybe it has improved in the meantime.


I posted the same question a few hours ago, but just came across this post. I thought I'd link my question from here, since neither of us have answers (and your question is 2 years old).

The smartyPDT plugin linked at google code is still not up to date for the latest version.

still need smarty syntax highlighting in Eclipse PDT


Great article about integration Eclipse Helios + PDT + Smarty http://www.ikravets.com/computers-life/programming/2010/09/27/eclipse-helios-pdt-smarty (Use translation to English on this page)


Answer posted on the linked-to question:

I've used both SmartyPDT and SSE*.

SmartyPDT is finicky and it took some time for me to get it working. Unfortunately, after an OS reinstall my custom jars don't work anymore, so I've been using SSE.

It is quite basic but better than nothing.

It is described in English at bar54.

Download it from Google's translated version.

*I guess this is what it's called, the page is in Japanese.

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