Tutorial :RAILS: How to get has_many associations of a model


how I can get the has_many associations of a model?

For example if I have this class:

class A < ActiveRecord::Base    has_many B    has_many C  end  

I would a method like this:


that return


Is it possible? Thanks!


You should be using ActiveRecord reflections.

Then you can type something like this:

A.reflect_on_all_associations.map { |assoc| assoc.name}  

which will return your array

[:B, :C]  


For Example you could try :

aux=Array.new  Page.reflections.each { |key, value| aux << key if value.instance_of?(ActiveRecord::Reflection::AssociationReflection) }  

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Found the solutions:

def self.get_macros(macro)    res = Array.new    self.reflections.each do |k,v|      res << k if v.macro == macro.to_sym    end    return res  end  

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