Tutorial :OAuth in Rails - google, twitter, facebook, connect for login like stackoverflow login


Rails has the rest autho plugin which works well but is there a solution for incorporating twitter, facebook, google, yahoo, etc...

Seems like each on has its own plugin and demands and mixing them is going to be a mess.

This is for logging in users like how Stackoverflow gets things done not for using the robust features of the APIs.

What I want to do is do what stackoverflow did for login but in rails.


It's not too difficult to write your own controller code to connect to each of these services and redirect. For example, to authenticate to twitter using oauth takes two actions and about 20 lines of code total.

Keep the code for each service separate in it's own controller.

def twitter_oauth    o = Twitter::OAuth.new(your_twitter_consumer_token, your_twitter_consumer_secret, :authorize_path => '/oauth/authenticate', :sign_in => true)    o.set_callback_url(twitter_cb_url)    session[:twitter_oauth_request_token] = o.request_token.token    session[:twitter_oauth_request_secret] = o.request_token.secret    redirect_to o.request_token.authorize_url  end    def twitter_oauth_cb    o = Twitter::OAuth.new(your_twitter_consumer_token, your_twitter_consumer_secret, :authorize_path => '/oauth/authenticate', :sign_in => true)    if params[:denied]      redirect_to root_url    elsif params[:oauth_verifier]      o.authorize_from_request(session[:twitter_oauth_request_token],                                session[:twitter_oauth_request_secret],                               params[:oauth_verifier])      # look up this user in the db by o.access_token.token       # is the user not found? create them, save their token      # log them in - UserSession.create(user, true)      redirect_to root_url    end  end  


I would definitely vote for OmniAuth :


Here are some resources to get You started :





I made an implementation of this using authlogic, using the same JQuery OpenID Selector plugin that StackOverflow is using. Works with Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. I've been using it for about 3 months and it works quite well. Still a few kinks to workout, it also supports auto-registration.

I'd like to add twitter to future versions and am hoping others will help add some features/bug fixes. ;-) Check it out.

In action:





If you got a budget for it, you can check out RPX: https://rpxnow.com/.


If you want a more feature complete solution and want to implement traditional signup method as well as , then you can use devise gem which already has support for omniauth.

You can follow following tutorial on railscast


I hope it'll help somebody!

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