Tutorial :Missing safe control entry


I've got a working hello-world like webpart for my SPS3.0

I can compile, pack and deploy it using VS2008, makecab.exe and stsadm. So I know the theory of deploying sharepoint webparts.

My problem:

After I inserted an additional .webpart file, an elements.xml and a feature.xml to deploy the .webpart file and get knowledge about adding features to my webpart, the deployed webpart is missing its safe control entry in the web.config. But the dll can be found in the gac and my features are also deployed to the right folders. I didn't change anything in my manifest.xml especially not in it's -tag, because it definitely worked before i added my additional feature files.

Can anybody help me? Should i provide you some code snippets?

Thanks Stefan


You can try WSPBuilder, it will automate and ease your deployment process.


As far as I can tell, you are trying to find out how to register your web part as a safe control without using any tools, etc. and also without admin rights. I think you will find this impossible since the safe control registration needs to happen in the web.config file and one way or another (WSP Builder, manually, script) this file needs to be modified. Only admins can do this as far as I know.


If you are deploying your solution package using stsadm -o deploysolution, be sure that you are either using the allcontenturls parameter or that the url parameter is pointing to the correct web application. Which parameter you use (and how) will determine which web.config file(s) will have the safe control settings from manifest.xml applied to them.

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