Tutorial :jre 1.6 check and progress bar in inno


I want to check whether hre 1.6 or higher is installed or not. If installed I want to progress my application. If not installed , I want to install jre-6u17-windows-i586-s.exe after successfully installing jre , my control not returns to inno again. Please send a inno script for that.

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For the [FILES] section:

[Files]  Source: "jre-6u17-windows-i586-s.exe"; DestDir: "{app}\JRE 1.6"; Flags: onlyifdoesntexist  

For the [CODE] section:

[Code]  Function JREInstallPrompt:Boolean;  begin    if ((msgBox ('Do you want to install JRE 1.6?',mbinformation,mb_YesNo)=idYes)) then     begin       msgBox ('JRE 1.6 will being installing now. Please do not restart the machine or log off until it is complete!',mbinformation,mb_OK);       Result:=True;     end   else Result:=False;  end;    Function JREVerifyInstall:Boolean;  begin   if ((RegValueExists(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, 'SOFTWARE\JavaSoft','InstallerVersion')) or (JREInstallPrompt=False)) then //Exists or do not install     Result:=False   else Result:=True;  end;  

And for the RUN section:

[Run]  ;SQL Server Express 2005 Installer  Filename: "{app}\JRE 1.6\jre-6u17-windows-i586-s.exe"; WorkingDir: {app}\JRE 1.6; StatusMsg: Installing Java Runtime Environment... Please Wait...;Check:JREVerifyInstall  

Hopefully that will get you pointed in the right direction.

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