Tutorial :iphone dev - using an iPad to simulate an iPhone environment


I made a universal app and I need to test on iPhone and iPad devices. However, I only have an iPad now but not an iPhone. Is there an easy way to use an iPad to simulate an iPhone environment so that I can do testing on iPad (and pretend it is an iPhone)?


You could probably build an iPhone only version of your app and run that on your iPad for testing. Barring that you're probably stuck using the simulator.


I think no. From my experience, you should at least, by borrow/ buy/ hire, have an iphone in latest phase of project like performance testing, because the performance is really different on simulator and on iphone


I think the answer is no. However you can use the emulator that comes with the iPhone SDK to do your testing for iPhone devices - just set your Target to iPhone.


Or if it doesn't rely on any iPhone only facilities, an iPod Touch would be a cheaper option than buying an iPHone.


Yes NSArray is correct, it works.

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