Tutorial :how to replace the backslash in php to xml?


I'm trying to create a xml file from php.... it is not work properly... when i eentered \notepad\text ,it creates in xml file as otepad ext....

what's the solution for this problem? can i use any function to this?


When you write it this way:

echo "\notepad\text";  

\n will be interpreted as a newline and \t as a tab.

Try single quotes:

echo '\notepad\text';  

or escape the backslash characters:

echo "\\notepad\\text";  


You can replace them with the constant DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.

Or just use forward slashes and

$string = str_replace('/', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $string);  

To make using this constant less cumbersome, you can do this


Joomla does this.

If you want to skip the constant all together, you can probably also add an extra backslash to escape the escape character.

As for using a function, you can wrap that str_replace() above in a function.

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