Tutorial :How to add multiple handlers to an attached event in XAML?


Code Sample:

<DataTemplate x:Key="NodeDataTemplate">      <Border Style="{StaticResource nodeBorderStyle}"                          MouseEnter="SetMouseCursor_Arrow"                          MouseLeave="SetMouseCursor_ScrollAll"                          MouseLeftButtonDown="ViewLink"                          MouseLeftButtonDown="SetFlagForCursorTracking">  ....  </DataTemplate>  

I want to add 2 handlers to a particular event like shown above. However this won't compile - 'attribute can be set more than once'. I have multiple methods because they do different things (are named appropriately). e.g. the first handler has nothing in common with the second.

My other option was to kludge a SetFlagForCursorTrackingAndCheckForViewLink method - which is "Yech!". Any ideas ?


Please try to just add one handler which will subsequently call some event handling method. Or add just one handler which will subsequently call your desired two event handling methods - this will be more elegant.


You can do that in code behind,

UIObject.AddHandler( AttachedEventContainer.AttachedEvent, your_handler);    UIObject.AddHandler( AttachedEventContainer.AttachedEvent, your_handler);  

I have not tried or tested this, if this gives any error then you have no choice but use a method and call two event handlers manually in that method and attached method as event handler.

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