Tutorial :Flex Builder 3 debug flash player fails to install


I recently upgraded to Windows 7 (not sure if that's related) and after re-installing Flex 3, I get the error that I'm using a non-debug version of Flash Player (when trying to run debug on a project).

That makes sense, so I go to install the latest version of the debugger, but when I go to adobe for it: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html I get an error on install saying that it's not the latest version of Flash. When I go to the link provided, it doesn't have the option of pulling the debug version.

Any suggestions?



Install the debug build for Flash Player 10 instead of 9 or the other way. That is how it got fixed on mine.


found the answer here: http://blogu.lu/mrm/2010/03/uninstalling-flash-player-like-really-uninstalling/

worked like a charm

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