Tutorial :Drag drop open file in Macvim split window?


I like to use the split window feature in Vim. However I cannot seem to drag drop new files into the different sections. Doing so will just open a new tab. I don't like using tabs as I still need to flick between them and not much different to using separate windows.

Is there anyway I can change this behaviour? It works fine on Windows gVim and Im using the same vimrc file.


From the documentation (:help macvim-drag):

Dragging files and dropping them on a window opens those files in tabs in that  window, unless Vim is in command-line mode.  In command-line mode the names of  the files are added to the command line.  Holding down modifier keys whilst  dragging is not supported.    If a file is dropped on the Dock icon, it is always opened in a new tab  regardless of the mode Vim is currently in.  The same holds if you  double-click on a file in the Finder.    The "Open files from applications" preference in the General preference pane  gives more options on how dropped files should open, in case tabs are not  desired.  

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