Tutorial :Does the Entity Framework have an equivalent of DataContext.GetTable from Linq2Sql (ObjectContext.CreateQuery?)


I'm looking for an equivalent of the DataContext.GetTable<TEntity> in Entity Framework. I've found the ObjectContext.CreateQuery<T> method but it is different from DataContext.GetTable<TEntity> since it needs a querystring to work.

Is there a way to get an IQueryable object for a table using the entity type without specifying the querystring?

*EDIT: Added code snippet*
This is a snippet of a Repository class I've implemented that works with linq2sql. I can't use ObjectContext.[TableName] because it wouldn't be generic anymore.

public class BaseRepository<TClass> : IDisposable          where TClass : class      {          protected BaseRepository(DataContext database)          {              _database = database;          }          ...            public IQueryable<TClass> GetAllEntities()          {              IQueryable<TClass> entities = _database.GetTable<TClass>();              return entities;          }            public IQueryable<TClass> GetEntities(Expression<Func<TClass, bool>> condition)          {                IQueryable<TClass> table = _database.GetTable<TClass>();              return table.Where(condition);              }  

*EDIT: Added my solution (so far..)*
This is what I'm using:

public IQueryable<TClass> GetEntities(Expression<Func<TClass, bool>> condition)  {        IQueryable<TClass> table = _database.CreateQuery<TClass>(typeof(TClass).Name);      return table.Where(condition);      }  

This works as long as the class name is the same of the table name. This will became a problem for me when I'll start using different objects for the same table.

I hope I've been clear, thanks in advance,
Marco :)


Actually, the EF designer itself uses CreateQuery with hard-coded strings for the static references. If you dig into the designer file you'll see something like this:

public global::System.Data.Objects.ObjectQuery<Customers> Customers  {      get      {          if ((this._Customers == null))          {              this._Customers = base.CreateQuery<Customers>("[Customers]");          }          return this._Customers;      }  }    private global::System.Data.Objects.ObjectQuery<Customers> _Customers;  

Technically there's no perfect solution because you can use the same entity type for different entity sets. But you can give it the old college try:

public IQueryable<TEntity> GetEntities<TEntity>()  {      Type t = typeof(TEntity);      var edmAttr = (EdmEntityTypeAttribute)Attribute.GetCustomAttribute(t,          typeof(EdmEntityTypeAttribute), false);      if (edmAttr == null)  // Fall back to the naive way      {          return context.CreateQuery<TEntity>(t.Name);      }      var ec = context.MetadataWorkspace.GetEntityContainer(          context.DefaultContainerName, DataSpace.CSpace);      var entityType = context.MetadataWorkspace.GetType(edmAttr.Name,          edmAttr.NamespaceName, DataSpace.CSpace);      var es = ec.BaseEntitySets.First(es => es.ElementType == entityType);      return context.CreateQuery<TEntity>(es.Name);  }  


public IQueryable GetTable<T>(T entity) where T : class  {      return context.CreateObjectSet<T>();  }  


I hope I'm not missing the point, but wouldn't it be:


Where TableName is the EntitySet of the type you want to work with.

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