Tutorial :django/ruby on rails is community or enterprise based


i wonder if django has a community or an enterprise behind it for devlopement?

the same with rails.



These are both open-source projects. They both have large communities, but are not enterprise backed. I believe that Rails will have more backing as a framework while Django will have more backing because of Python.

If you're looking for Enterprise-y-ness, look at Java EE or the Microsoft stack. If you're looking for something to get a project off the ground quickly, RoR or Django are pretty nice.


I don't know about Django, but Ruby on Rails was first developed by David Heinemeier Hansson for the 37signals company. And the 37signals still sponsors the development of Ruby on Rails and pays the wages for four out of eight core developers. And the other ones also work for companies who have an interest in bringing RoR forward.

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