Tutorial :DirectShow.NET opening any file that Windows Media Player can open


Here is a code snippet from DirectShowNet library, used to open a video file:

this.graphBuilder = (IGraphBuilder) new FilterGraph();  // Have the graph builder construct its the appropriate graph automatically  hr = this.graphBuilder.RenderFile(filename, null);  

but the RenderFile method fails. At the same time, Windows Media Player opens the same file nicely. What can be the problem.

I got the same behavior without DirectShowNet, but using native C++ code...


Windows media player uses the WMF sdk and MF as well as directshow.


As Geraint Davies pointed in the comment: "Graphedt's Render File menu option calls RenderFile. If these are behaving differently, then perhaps you are running in different environments (eg x64 vs x86 or admin vs non-admin)."...actually the problem was not architecture or privileges, but some other part of the code related to seeking in the video, which was not performed well on the video that I have tested with.

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