Tutorial :Where to get live video streaming examples ( GStreamer )? [closed]


Where to get live video + audio streaming examples ( GStreamer )? So for example streaming from File or Web camera to some web address


This page contains a few samples on how to do RTP streaming with GStreamer.

It's not clear from your post if GStreamer is really a requirement, so just FYI: live streaming is easier with VLC.


This comes from the man pages...

An MPEG-1 system stream can be streamed via RTP from one machine to another.

Use this command on the receiver gst-launch rtprecv media_type=mpeg1_sys ! mpegdemux name=demuxer ! { queue ! mpeg2dec ! xvideosink } { demuxer. ! queue ! mad ! osssink }

This command would be run on the transmitter gst-launch filesrc location=mpeg1system.mpeg ! mpegparse ! rtpsend ip=IPorHostname

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