Tutorial :What native C++ profiling tool do you suggest? [closed]


Can anyone suggest a performance analysis tool that runs on win32 on a native c++ app?

How about one that runs on Windows Mobile?


The Visual Studio Team System Profiler is excellent. A VSTS subscription runs about $5k or so, so it's not particularly cheap. Easy to use + good results + Visual Studio integration = well worth it, in my humble opinion.

You can try Luke Stackwalker. I have not yet tried using it, so I can't actually recommend it, but it looks promising. It's also free.


I've used Very Sleepy with success on my Win32 hobby projects. I don't know if it runs on Windows mobile.


I use IBM Rational Quantify at work and it does the job pretty well. Though it is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.


I've used Intel's VTune, it is pretty good. Probably doesn't run on windows mobile though.

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