Tutorial :What is the release date for Rakudo Star (perl6)? [closed]


If a specific release date is not available (as I suspect it is not), can you provide resources for tracking how close it is to the desired feature set that allows release.

I'm not necessarily asking for a percentage gauge, or X of Y features completed list. A list of bugs marked in whichever section of the perl RT instance that's tracking Rakudo bugs would meet my criteria, even more so if the list is dynamic (I.e. it's a list of bugs tagged in some manner, not a static list of ticket numbers). If there are only a few planned features left to be finished/tested before it's considered ready for final testing, listing those would also be sufficient.


As per this post on 04/08/2010, the first major release of "Rakudo Star 1.0" is tentatively aimed at Q2 2010 (original plan was around April 2010 but was shifted due to personal circumstances involving lead developer).

Also, on 4/22/2010 they announced an April development release of Rakudo. That announcement stated: "This is not the "Rakudo Star" release announced for Q2 2010 -- we expect that to be shipped in June."

Not sure if this is good enough for you as a measure of progress, but they have a "Spectest progress" chart. That same status page has a list of things that work and don't work in Rakudo. The latter is dated 4/11/2010.


Latest tentative date is July 29th 2010

And it has been released!


As for the planned features, please see the ROADMAP.

The number of stars in the "Really important items" and "Ought to have items" are an estimation of how much work is needed to implement that particular feature.

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