Tutorial :User-friendly xml sensitization library that html encodes invalid parts of user submissions?


I would like to allow my users to submit a subset of xhtml that will be displayed to other users (likely I'll build a schema for it) but I want the server to handle validation more gracefully then hard rejecting invalid submissions. Instead I'd like the server to Html Encode invalid/harmful parts of the submissions (sanitize javascript and css etc.).

Is there any library (maybe asp.net mvc 2 has such functionality?) or do I have to develop my own?

Or maybe there is a javascript library that html encodes invalid parts and I can just have the server only accept that subset?


You could probably use Anti-XSS. See this SO question for relevant tips.


You could decorate the action you are posting to with the [ValidateInput] attribute in order to accept dangerous characters:

[ValidateRequest(false)]  public ActionResult Index(MyViewModel model)  {      return View(model);  }  

And when the moment comes to show them on a page make sure you HTML encode them:

<%= Html.Encode(Model.SomeProperty) %>  

or using the new syntax in ASP.NET 4:

<%: Model.SomeProperty %>  

Also if you are using ASP.NET 4 make sure you put the following in your web.config:

<httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" />  

or the ValidateRequest attribute might not be taken into account.

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