Tutorial :Tool to create UI for Linux (Gnome) shell scripts


I'm writing a bunch of Linux shell scripts with complex selections. For now I use zenity for prompts. I'd rather use something where I can show more than one UI element at a time and query it in a script (e.g. a list and some checkboxed and a file picker and an entry field. What are my options?


I believe GTKDialog comes with extended gtk-ified versions of the popular curses based dialog utility for shell scripts.

I'm not sure if it will serve the complexity of your needs, however. In any event, its a place to start.


You're going to have to move up to something more capable. PyGTK with Glade is fairly powerful, and Python is easy enough to pick up.


autoglade could also be of help to give your scripts of commands a graphical user interface, in many cases with no additional programming.

Some docs and tutorials can be found here.


zenity 3 now has a option to create a form with multiple elements. See the following bug report



Yad is a fork of Zenity that adds almost as much functionality as Gtkdialog. Mostly backward compatible too.

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