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Can anyone point me to an example of code for a page that begins to automatically scroll when the user is idle for an amount of time? I think this is slightly beyond my skill set. I think JQuery or something similar might be appropriate but I just can't seem to figure it out. I'm designing a site for the nonprofit I work for and we don't have the money to hire a programmer. I wouldn't ask anyone to code anything for me, just to point me in the right direction. Thank you so much.

Julie K.


Here is something quick and dirty that will do what you want. I currently have it set to 2 seconds idle time, but you can change that as you wish.

var now = new Date();  setInterval(function(){      var nnow = new Date();      if(nnow.getTime() - now.getTime() >= 2000)          $('body').animate({scrollTop: '+=50'}, 2000, 'linear');      }, 2000);  $(document)      .mousemove(function(){ now = new Date(); $('body').stop(); })      .keypress(function(){ now = new Date(); $('body').stop(); });  

Edit: added .stop in mousemove and keypress events to stop scrolling immediately when user moves mouse or presses a key, rather than waiting for animation to complete.


jQuery would definitely help here.

You should handle the keyboard and mouse events to catch user activity.

Then, whenever you see activity, call setTimeout to make your code run 2 minutes after the activity. Save the return value of the setTimeout call in a global variable, and call clearTimeout on it before setTimeout to clear the last timeout.

For example: (Using jQuery and the scrollTo plugin)

var timeout = false;  $(document.body).bind('keydown keyup mousemove mouseup', function() {      if (timeout) clearTimeout(timeout);      timeout = setTimeout(userIsIdle, 120000);    //120,000 milliseconds  });  function userIsIdle() {      $(document.body).scrollTo('100%', 100000);  }  


you could use a plugin like this, and set it to use JavaScripts setTimeout() function to trigger it, which could reset every time you detect certain user actions, such as keyDown and Click.


use the following jQuery functions to scroll the page's body

// Scrolling Down  $('body').animate({  scrollTop: '-=300px'  }, 2000);    // Scrolling Up  $('body').animate({  scrollTop: '+=300px'  }, 2000);   


I think onBlur event is what you're looking for, so you can do like this :

<body onblur="$('html, body').animate({scrollTop:0}, 'slow');">  

You can change the 0 to the vertical position where you want to scroll to.

Note: this will fire the scrolling when you go to other page or tab or where you can't see the page.


First you have to define what you mean by IDLE, I will assume that the user is not moving mouse for x amount of time. Here are the steps pseudo js.

 var lastTime=0;  var threshold=60000 ; // 1min  var howOftenToCheck = 1000;//1 sec  var inter = 0;  inter = setInterval(function() {      var delta=lastTime-currentTime;      if(delta>threashold){          clearInterval(inter);                 window.scrollTo(xpos,ypos);      }  }, howOftenToCheck);  

This should give you a general idea.

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