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I have question to Java or C# programmers. I want to render some pages in various browsers mainly Firefox and IE and save it as a picture. I have not any serious experience in Java/.Net. Is there any libs/tools for such tasks? I thought about some FF extensions for example but I don't know how to do it in IE. Is the in .Net some libs for dealing with it? Maybe some ActiveX? Any sugestions?




I'm not sure what your end goal is, but perhaps http://browsershots.org/ offers the functionality you're looking for? It would appear they offer both an XML-RPC interface and also the source code freely.

Edit: It looks like the source code link isn't properly hooked up currently.


You can use the FireFox Screengrab extension - it's very handy!

"Screengrab! is an extension that makes it easy to save a web-page as an image â€" it’s a screen capture tool for Firefox!

With it, you can save anything that you can see in a browser window â€" from a small selection, to a complete page."

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