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Ive written a script to send html emails and all works well. I have the email stored in a separate HTML file which is then read in usin a while loop and fgets(). However, i want to be able to pass variables into the html. For example, in a html file i may have something like..

<body>      Dear Name <br/>      Thank you for your recent purhcase  </body>  

and i read this into a string like so

$file = fopen($filename, "r");  while(!feof($file)) {      $html.= fgets($file, 4096);  }  fclose ($file);  

I want to be able to replace "Name" in the html file by a variable and im not entirely sure on the best way to do this. I could always make my own tag and then use regex to replace that with the name once ive read the file into the string, but im wondering if there is a better/easier method to do this.

(On a side note, if anyone knows whether its better to use file_get_contents instead of multiple calls to fgets, id be interested to know)


str_replace() also has the disadvantages of potentially matching and replacing things that you might not want to. Smarty is definitely overkill for this, I would follow Matt's suggestion above by doing something like the following

function getEmailContents(array $vars) {    extract($vars);      ob_start();    include 'email.html.php';    return ob_get_clean();  }  

email.html.php would look like this

<body>      Dear <?php echo $name; ?> <br/>      Thank you for your recent purhcase of <?php echo $product; ?>  </body>  

and you can call it like this

$emailContents = getEmailContents(array('name' => 'El Yobo', 'product' => 'Something'));  

You'll never match anything by mistake this way and it's easily extended with other variables etc. without having to use addition str_replace() calls.

If you need to go much further than that, it might be worthwhile looking at Smarty.


You could use str_replace() to define placeholders like

Dear %name  Thank you for your recent purchase of %product  

and then replace them on the fly:

$html = str_replace("%name", $order_name, $html);  $product = str_replace("%product", $order_product, $html);  

Using file_get_contents() or fopen() is both all right.


Use a PHP file instead and include it. No need to read it through fgets or replace anything.

ob_start();  include("yourTemplate.html.php");    $html = ob_get_clean();    // $html now has whatever your template output  


If you have a lot of variables, you might want to look at an existing templating engine such as Smarty to do the job for you. Alternatively, PHP's str_replace() accepts array parameters and is quite powerful in that regard -- or if you need to make sure that whatever you've replaced cannot in turn be mistaken as a placeholder, strtr() offers that functionality (but is considerably more lethargic).


You may want to consider using a templating system, if you expect any more features in the future.

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