Tutorial :Possible to load an Enum based on a string name?


OK, I don't think the title says it right... but here goes:

I have a class with about 40 Enums in it. i.e:

    Class Hoohoo      {           public enum aaa : short         {            a = 0,            b = 3         }          public enum bbb : short        {          a = 0,          b = 3        }          public enum ccc : short        {          a = 0,          b = 3        }  }  

Now say I have a Dictionary of strings and values, and each string is the name of above mentioned enums:


I need to change "aaa" into HooBoo.aaa to look up 0. Can't seem to find a way to do this since the enum is static. Otherwise I'll have to write a method for each enum to tie the string to it. I can do that but thats mucho code to write.

Thanks, Cooter


You'll have to use Reflection to get the underlying enum type:

Type t = typeof(Hoohoo);  Type enumType = t.GetNestedType("aaa");  string enumName = Enum.GetName(enumType, 0);  

If you want to get the actual enum value, you can then use:

var enumValue = Enum.Parse(enumName, enumType);  



aaa myEnum =(aaa) Enum.Parse(typeof(aaa), "a");  


You want to convert a string -> enum? This should help.


Just keep in mind that Enum.Parse isn't strongly typed... I reckon that will be a real limitation in your scenario. As you can see from Ngu's example you'd have to cast the output.

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