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i have a one html page in which i am storing few user selected values now and want to use these values on another html page.

i am using jquery in my module and i have already tried window.name and window.localStorage but they don't persist values between two pages.

so please help me to solve this problem.


If you don't want a cookies--and if you're directing from the first page to the second, how about passing the values as GET variables to the next page:


then you can access that data with window.location.search.


You could use the "hash":


The hash would be ignored by the server, keeping things "clean". The second page can read the hash from


and then parse out the name/value pairs with some simple string/regexp/array manipulation.

If you wanted the hash to be "hidden", your second page could also then remove the hash from the URL - this would not result in another trip to the server - changes to hash only result in browser/client side behaviour.


If it's just a few values, how about cookies?


Store the value inside a cookie on the first page and and retrive it on the second. Its very easy with the Jquery Cookie plugin http://plugins.jquery.com/project/cookie


You would have to try and use cookies (assuming users are nice enough to enable those). Here is a very useful link: http://www.w3schools.com/JS/js_cookies.asp


Finally i got pretty cool solution on


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