Tutorial :Passing a web service an unknown number of parameters


I'm relatively new to utilizing web services. I'm trying to create one that will be accepting data from a ASP.Net form whose input controls are created dynamically at runtime and I don't how many control values will be getting passed.

I'm thinking I'll be using jQuery's serialize() on the form to get the data, but what do I have the web service accept for a parameter? I thought maybe I could use serializeArray(), but still I don't know what type of variable to accept for the JavaScript array.

Finally, I was thinking that I might need to create a simple data transfer object with the data before sending it along to the web service. I just didn't wanna go through with the DTO route if there was a much simpler way or an established best practice that I should follow.

Thanks in advance for any direction you can provide and let me know I wasn't clear enough, or if you have any questions.


The answer to the headline question (assuming this is an ASP.Net web service) is to use the params keyword in your web service method:

[WebMethod]  public void SendSomething(params string[] somethings)  {      foreach (string s in somethings)      {          // do whatever you're gonna do      }  }  


SendSomething("whatever");  SendSomething("whatever 1", "whatever 2", "whatever 3");  

In fact, you don't really even need the params keyword - using an ordinary array as a parameter will let you pass in an unknown number of values.


Well I went with creating my own data transfer object which I guess was always the front of brain solution, I was just thinking that there was probably a recognized best practice on how to handle this.

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