Tutorial :MVC alternatives: examples of MVA & AVC?


I'm interested in learning about the alternative patterns to Model-View-Controller, specifically the Model-View-Adapter and Application-View-Controller patterns.

Google results tend to be either a high-level overview or Java-based.

Can anyone either provide, or point me to, an example of these patterns in either PHP, Python or JavaScript?


These are some alternatives lurking about my bookmarks. They're mostly Java based but you shouldn't have any problems in understanding the underlying patterns.


This could be "python" enough: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_View_Controller You should look at that framework, although patterns aren't frameworks and understanding frameworks won't necessary make you understand the pattern.


As I understand from AVC description on its site, AVC is not a design pattern, it's a framework for python (and for jython as well).

That's why I think that your question is incorrect.

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