Tutorial :java equivalent of Delphi NOT


In Delphi I can do the following with a boolean variable:

If NOT bValue then  begin    //do some stuff  end;  

Does the equivalent in Java use the !?

If !(bValue) {    //do some stuff  }  


Yes, but inside the bracket:

if (!bValue) {  }  

You'd normally not use any sort of data type prefix in Java as well, so it would more likely be something like:

if (!isGreen) { // or some other meaningful variable name  }  


You're close; the proper syntax is:

if (!bValue) {    //do some stuff  }  

The entire conditional expression must be inside the parenthesis; the condition in this case involve the unary logical complement operator ! (JLS 15.15.6).

Additionally, Java also has the following logical binary operators:

There are also compound assignment operators (JLS 15.26.2) &=, |=, ^=.

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if (!bValue) {      // do some stuff  }  

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