Tutorial :is it better to avoid using beestings?


I think beestings change the html every time.

this means html is not able to be cached.

am I right?


I assume that by beesting, you mean some sort of random number in the URL.

Yes this will (usually) stop caching of pages. Some browser may still cache some or all of the page.

As to whether not to avoid it. Would caching a page stop it working as it should? If your page has fairly random content or content the changes often, users would not see this if the page is cached.

If you can avoid the need to stop caching, pages will be able to load faster. Which makes for a happy user.


Old, old question, but anyway... no. You actually can "cache some or all of the response generated by an ASP.NET page, referred to in ASP.NET as output caching". You can read more at this Microsoft page.

For those still wandering, bee stings are special tags used in Microsoft's asp.NET to hold server-side code, much like PHP would do. It is, or was, very common to keep simple code inline, although having significant amount of code in bee stings is considered a bad practice by Microsoft themselves.

But as a rule, yeah, it can be cached.

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