Tutorial :How to process this string via regular expression


my string style like this


a real style mybe like this:


"+" and "*" represent operator "computer","web"...represent expression (100),(200) represent field num . field num may not exist.

I want process the string to this:


rules like this

if expression length is more than 3 and its field is not (200), then add brackets to it.


My recommendation is to mix regex with other language features. The complication arises from the fact that field appears before expressions, and lookbehind is usually more limited than lookforward.

In pseudo-Java-code, I recommend doing something like this:

String[] parts = input.split("/");    for (int i = 0; i < parts.length; i++) {    if (!parts[i].startsWith("(200)"))      parts[i] = parts[i].replaceAll("(?=[a-z]{4})([a-z]+)", "<$1>");  }    String output = parts.join("/");  


I would not use just regular expression.

You say "if expression length is more than 3 and its field is not (200), then add brackets to it"

I think a normal conditional statement is the best and clearest solutoion for this.

I think regular expressions are sometimes overused. Regexes are hard to read, and when a couple of conditional statements can do the same but more clearly, then I'd say the code quality is higher.

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