Tutorial :How to know the base type of an inherited generic type?


Consider this code :

class MyClass<T>  {  }    class AnotherClass : MyClass<String>  {  }  

When I look at the BaseType property of the AnotherType Type, it says that it is Object, where I expected to see the generic MyClass type.

Is there a way to know that AnotherClass inherits MyClass ?

EDIT : The problem was that the MyClass type was actually an interface, so it is totally normal that it is not shown as BaseType.


Is there any chance that MyClass is actually an interface?


Unable to reproduce:

using System;    class MyClass<T> {}  class AnotherClass : MyClass<string> {}    public class Test  {      static void Main()      {          // Prints MyClass`1[String]          Console.WriteLine(typeof(AnotherClass).BaseType);      }  }  

Please post the code that's failing.

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