Tutorial :how to get npapi plugin for NPP_StreamAsFile


How can i get a npapi plugin. do i have to write for my own. or i can get it from somewhere. and please tell me that how to create a npapi.dll from npapi.h file. thanx.

or if anybody have any npapi.dll for NPP_StreamAsFile than please give me the link to download it and documentation for how to use it. thanx


Hmm. Where to start?

You don't need an npapi.dll; npapi.h is used to implement an npapi plugin, but you don't link to npapi.h. For a little more information about NPAPI plugins in general I recommend reading:


However, at the stage you're at, I would recommend against trying to do your own plugin and suggest you try utilizing FireBreath, which is a framework that simplifies a lot of the plugin creation process. It has a good active development group that you can join if you get stuck.


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