Tutorial :How to access application setting through markup using expression?


In a repeater control I've Eval binding as:

<%#Eval("PubDate", "{0:dd-MMM-yyyy}")%>  

But date time format needs to be configurable from the web.config. I want to access datetime format from web.config in markup like:

<%#Eval("PubDate", "{0:<%$ AppSettings: DateTimeFormat %>}")%>  

But is is not working... Any suggesions?


You can create a property on your page in code behind (e.g. AppDateTimeFormat) which accesses DateTimeFormat from the AppSettings and use it like this:

    <%#Eval("PubDate", AppDateTimeFormat)%>  


Try this one:

<%# Eval("PubDate", "{0:" + ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["DateTimeFormat"] + "}")%>  

Edit: I'd recommend placing the parenthesis inside the String. Then you'd be able to use

<%# Eval("PubDate", ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["DateTimeFormat"])%>  

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