Tutorial :How can I remove all words that end in “:” from a string in Python?


I'm wondering how to remove a dynamic word from a string within Python.

It will always have a ":" at the end of the word, and sometimes there's more than one within the string. I'd like to remove all occurrences of "word:".

Thanks! :-)


Use regular expressions.

import re  blah = "word word: monty py: thon"  answer = re.sub(r'\w+:\s?','',blah)  print answer  

This will also pull out a single optional space after the colon.


[ chunk for chunk in line.split() if not chunk.endswith(":") ]  

this will create a list. you can join them up afterwards.


This removes all words which end with a ":":

def RemoveDynamicWords(s):      L = []      for word in s.split():          if not word.endswith(':'):              L.append(word)      return ' '.join(L)  print RemoveDynamicWords('word: blah')  

or use a generator expression:

print ' '.join(i for i in word.split(' ') if not i.endswith(':'))  

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